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Bring back the "All Notes" button



Title says it all. The "All Notes" button in pre-6 versions of the app was incredibly useful when you wanted to go from a single notebook to your entire notes list. Now it's a tiny entry buried in a menu that most users are not likely to find.


What was the reason for removing a useful feature? It can't be a UI spacing or display issue, since you still get a "Clear" button in that same spot when displaying search results. Please bring back at least a small piece of the functionality lost in the Evernote 6 downgrade.

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I also lobby to bring back the 'show all' button, I used it all the time!


Now i have to shift+apple+A every time i want to go back to all notes which is a pain. Agree that you can click on 'notes' in side bar, but because i have a lot of items in shortcuts, this means having to scroll down the screen quite a lot.


'Show all' button will not clutter the screen, and it would be really great to have it back.



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