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It would seem simpler for you--and better for user security--if you simply integrated with Android's e-mail feature and used that to send the e-mail instead of doing it within Evernote (like the PC client does with PC e-mail clients). I have a few other aps that do this, and it works very well. This way, you don't have to build a lot of features that already exist, and Android users don't have to question why they need to share contact information with your ap (which many people are nervous about doing). .

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We actually do have address book integration but it's just too hidden.

When your cursor is in the To field, you can hit the center D-PAD button or the Enter key and your address book will appear.

We'll work on making that feel like less of a hidden feature in the future.

The workaround does not work on my G1 - when I select/tap an contact it does not appear in the evernote "To" field so I have to enter the mail adress manually?!

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Maybe you could look at Note Everything or 3banana (and others) and see how they implement 'share' or 'send' on the droid.

I've only used the gmail send function and it works great as it filters the email addr.

This might be one area to not use your email servers and in fact probably should NOT use them if I understand the situation correctly.


I have over 1000 emails in my contacts, so its a pain to have to go thru them to find the email I want.

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