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Save Internet Activity direct in a Local Notebook

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Hi there,
my new Question:
I use IFTTT - (If this than that) to save Pinterest Activity to a Notebook (but synchronized) an later, i put it to an offline Notebook (Local Notebook).
Is it possible to do that so that Evernote can save the Pinterest Activity with IFTTT directly to the Offline Notebook (Local Notebook)?
Thanks for help.


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No. IFTTT works by working as a mediator between Pinterest (or any other service), and Evernote (or any other service) server side. The only way the IFTTT Could take your pinterest content and add it directly to a local notebook which is stored only on your computer, would be if IFTTT had direct access to your computer, which it does not (nor would you probably want it to). 


Your current workaround seems to be the only thing I can think of. 

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