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Evernote 6.x Work Chat Feedback



My team battle-tested Evernote's Work Chat feature last night. It worked great as long as one person edited the note at a time.

  1. What I'd love is the ability to have multiple people edit a note simultaneously (like taking meeting notes, for example), with the different users' edits in different colors — much like track changes in Word or even the things that Google Docs can do.
  2. The swirling "I am editing this" avatars are far too subtle. A "you are editing" bar at the top of the note would be better.
  3. If we cannot ever edit simultaneously (potential technical limitations, I get it), how about a button to request access, so that we don't have to keep jumping from the note to the chat window to request access?
  4. A "there have been changes made to this note, click this to see those changes" button/link/indicator, to let the others know about the new stuff.

Thank you very much for you time.

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Maybe I just don't get it, but I've never seen the value in multiple people simultaneously editing the same document in real-time.

Seems like what one person added/changed might influence what another would want to add/change.

Then there's the obvious issue of multiple people making changes to the same text at the same time.

It just seems like it causes more problems than it solves (whatever that is).


But, showing the same document/Note while allowing one person at a time to request and make changes makes great sense to me!

I would also want to have a moderator who has control and final say on changes.  So that after someone makes a change, the moderator could (perhaps after polling the other participants) either make the changes FINAL, or REVERT to the prior version.


Or, like MS Word Change Control, allow multiple users to propose changes, show all on screen below the original text, and then allow the moderator to select which change to apply.


Just my 2c.

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The work chat feature is something I was pretty stoked about, but am running into some serious limitations and have some suggestions...assuming the Evernote team/devs ever actually frequent this form (it doesn't seem like they do).


1) Avatars aren't showing up even though I've got one uploaded on the web interface. Plus, there's no way I could find to update the avatar on the actually desktop app itself.


2) It's SLOW - response time for the chat was buggy (I thought) at first, and then realised it just takes ages to load


3) The refresh is really counter-intuitive. I kept losing messages or responding to the first message in a thread of many because it takes you to the first unread message, not the last, by default.


4) There's very little flexibility in what kinds of content and additions you can include in the work chat. Needing to tell people to click on stuff to see reference materials, or needing to create a new note just for stuff you want to share with a colleague kind of defeats the purpose, no?


If you ask me, the feature seems really really rushed and should have had way more time in testing before release.  Hopefully it'll turn into something I actually *Want* to use, not just another option that's nice to have but doesn't work right. 



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Just started Work Chat in Evernote Premium and immediately ran into this huge limitation: it doesn't track changes! So I can't work collaboratively with teammates to try out different things in a document. Please institute multi-color tracked changes!!!

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