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REQUEST: In-Note Table of contents

Scott Mead


I use Evernote for Biz constantly... well, technically, I use it for everything :-)  I do consulting in the IT space and find myself always writing up how-to's and documentation for different types of technical and non-technical users.  The ONE thing that keeps me from moving completely away from OpenOffice for this is the automatic table of contents feature.


  Essentially, I'd like to be able to mark something as an H1, H2, H3 , etc... and then have an automatic table of contents at the top of the note that will link to the appropriate section.  This is a pretty critical component of most delivery-ready documentation, and if Evernote supported it, my entire workflow would live inside evernote ( Write notes, Write delivery doc, export to PDF ( with click-able links ), email away, sit back and be merry... ).



 Big, BIG killer feature for me that would make EN seriously sticky.






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Hmmn.  You could (almost) get there by writing your document in separate notes with one level of TOC entry as the title,  and then selecting all the notes to generate the TOC header.  Use SImplify/ Remove formatting on the TOC itself to remove the links,  then merge all the notes into one document,  or select all and print them to one PDF.


On the other hand,  given the er- "basic" abilities of Evernote's editor,  you could create the whole document in a proper word-processor and attach the output DOCX file to a note.


As a feature request,  it does seem like Evernote is aiming at business users these days,  so maybe in a future version...

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Not sure if it exists in Business yet,  but if you select several notes in Evernote Desktop,  one of the options is to create a TOC note,  which lists all the titles and links of the notes selected.  You could merge a TOC note with another one if it needs to be part of a longer text.  Have a look in your Evernote personal account if you don't find this in Business.

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Thanks gazumped, 


  That's not quite what I need.  I need a TOC that is text at the top of the same note as the content.  That way I can export it directly to a PDF and have the TOC + content available in the same document.


   I've played with the functionality you're describing and it works, but it's not quite what I need to publish delivery docs that way I'd like.

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