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Notebooks in Menu Bar : (right click) Show Notebook List problem.



On Side Menu bar (inside Evernote App) if you click on Notes it goes blue

similarly if you click on Notebooks it goes blue...


However when (right clicking) on Notebooks and clicking Show Notebook list...


When list is showing... and I click on a Notebook the Notebook does not show as blue....



I think this is vitally important...


When I click on a Notebook... I want to see that I am inside that Notebook at that time.... 

Until something changes... I.e. I do a search, or click on notes, etc... Then the blue should move accordingly..


Visual of problem, Screenshot:


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What platform?  I am on Windows and when I click on a notebook in the left panel it is highlighted in blue and the notebook name is highlighted in blue in the search bar.  Not sure what your problem is?

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Ah, now I get it.  It is the notebook not being highlighted when you select a recent note.  I use the Windows client which does not have the recent note functionality, as far as I can know,  Don't know what to tell you other than perhaps submitting a feature request.

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Nope.  Recent notes is not an option in Windows version AFAIK, would be nice, but....  Sorry for the confusion on my part.



EDIT:  To be clear you can get to recent notes using the back arrow in the top toolbar, there is just not a recent notes section in the left panel.  Nothing in particular is highlighted when you do select a note from that drop down.

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