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(Archived) Evernote missing from "Share" list (v1.1.5)


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I just installed Evernote 1.1.5 from the market on my Motorola Droid (which is running the 2.0.1 version of the OS) and I've noticed that Evernote is not listed in the "Share Picture Via..." list or any other Share list.

I previously had Evernote 1.1RC2 installed on my phone, and tried installing 1.1.5 over the top of it when it appeared in the market. That installation failed, so I removed the 1.1RC2 from the phone, disabled the option to allow unknown sources, tried again and installation was successful.

After noticing that the share list didn't have Evernote listed, I've since removed the app and used Astro to remove the Evernote folder on my SD card (thinking that perhaps something from the RC was interfering). I've now reinstalled the 1.1.5 app via the market and still there is nothing in the share list.

Anyone have any ideas?

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It's missing for me also. I even tried to uninstall v1.1.5, reboot, and reinstall 1.1.5 from market. Its still missing. I went back to the last beta version and the "share" option from the browser is back. Not going to update the app until the bug is fixed. Please remedy ASAP. That feature is more than half of my usage on the mobile version.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Yep, here too, and I use that all the time.

We were going to run a glowing review of Evernote, finally - a head to head with 3Banana, actually - at Droid News Net this week. I've written most of it, but...I haven't been able to use the app like I do all day, every day, since the final version release. I can't even include screen shots of the share function, key to Android phones, because it's not there anymore. I've kept quiet about that all week, hoping it would come back.

It hasn't, so instead, I'm putting up a link to this thread and telling our readers to keep using 3Banana in the meantime, because it actually works.

I mean, unless you want to fix that like right now, which is completely doable on Android. Because the "They made it worse instead of better for release" article is going out now.


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There are issues with this feature that prevent it from being used on some devices, so it was removed from the initial public release of the Android client. We hope to address these issues in the future so we can enable this feature. For now, you could add your Evernote 'incoming email address' (from the Settings page of your web account) to your address book and email these files into your account instead. Sorry about the inconvenience ...

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It's not an inconvenience, it's an abandonment of one of the core functions of the Android phone platform, and no, I'll just use something else that works.

I won't be continuing my Premium Evernote account after this year if this isn't fixed like next week, latest. I don't need to support you people when you can't even be bothered to support my phone. And I'll be posting again about this, right now, along with your non-response, and encouraging even more Android users to get upset about it.

On that note, we got quite a spike in readers today due to your utter incompetence. Thanks for that.

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I am not quite as upset as the previous poster. However, I agree that this is a major feature that most other developers seem to implement (for apps that have anything to accept, of course). For now, I have gone back to the beta version.

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Well, we recommend 3Banana, because it...what's that phrase again? Oh, JUST WORKS, much like the Evernote iPhone app. And you can edit notes in it, which the Evernote devs say is unpossible on Android, and you can save notes to your phone, just like the iPhone Evernote app can and the Android one can't, you can Share to and from it, it shows all your notes on the top level instead of burying them in a menu like Evernote.

Funny, we found another app that does what Evernote can't, too. That one was made by an individual, not even a smaller company like Snaptic. That's just sad, Evernote.


Evernote's been downgraded to no score, especially since I found out I can't downgrade my account, I have to cancel it and get all my notes out in the next few days, with Christmas right in the middle, or I get charged again. That's...just the icing on the cake, Evernote.

Hope you like losing customers, because I've got a big chip on my shoulder, now, and I'm going to make it my business to lose you as many Android customers as I can until I'm not mad about this anymore. Just FYI, that may take a while.

But at least you won't be getting any more of my money and telling me to go ***** myself in return.

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One of the features that you'd like isn't present in the first public release of our new Android client. If another application meets your needs better than the full Evernote service with the current Android client, you should certainly use that instead.

I'm not familiar with those other applications, so don't know how they compare for web and desktop sync, clipping, image searching, etc.

To the best of my knowledge, we've never turned down a request for a refund from a Premium user. You can open an inquiry at the bottom of:



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You know, I don't understand RNLee's anger (I suspect that is just a nasty case of Blogger Entitlement Syndrome, where a blogger thinks that just because they have a soapbox lying around, everyone in the world better treat them like a big shot and cater to their every whim), but I do understand his frustration. It is a little off topic here, but it is something I think you Evernote guys need to hear, so if you don't mind, I want to relay a little story.

A million years ago I used to use your standalone Windows app, back before you turned it into a web app. I thought it was a great program, upgraded to the paid version, absoluetly loved it, recommended it to everyone I knew, and was the very model of the kind of customer a company would like to keep. My only complaint was that it wouldn't work with my handheld device (at that time Windows Mobile). I was encouraged to hear that you were planning a way to sync to Windows Mobile, and eagerly awaited the product of your labor. Problem was, I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Eventually I got tired of waiting, ditched your program, and just moved over to OneNote. Now I don't remember how many years ago that was, and I have no idea if the fabled Windows Mobile sync came out a week after I gave up waiting, or years after I gave up waiting. I completely stopped paying attention to your product or your company for years after that. That is years of potential revenue your company lost, because I lost confidence in your company's ability to deliver the solutions I desired, and because I lost confidence in the statements of your company being reliable. I only looked back into your product when I heard you were working on an Android version of your client.

Why am I bringing all this up? Because I'm very happy for your company that the iPhone has gotten you some much deserved exposure, and I am very happy to hear that branching out to Mac software has made your company more successful, and I really like some of the features that moving your software to a web app provides. However, when it comes down to it, just like with Windows Mobile years ago, if the software never meets my needs, I'll cancel my subscription, and move on to something else. As it stands right now, it is pretty clear that the Android version of your software is a beta which is only being released to the public to capitalize on the current buzz around Motorola's new devices. That's fine, but you should really think about stepping up the pace of development, and getting up to feature parity with the iPhone version as soon as you can. Android isn't going anywhere but up, and the longer you have a clearly inferior Android client, the more people like RNLee are going to get pissed, and the more potentially good customers like myself going to get fed up and walk away for a program that gives them the support they want on a reasonable timeline.

I think you have a good beta right now, and I choose to be optimistic that your commitment to an Android client will be more productive than your commitment to a Windows Mobile client so many years ago. I just hope your company has learned from their past mistakes, and won't expect users to wait indefinitely for features and support, with nothing to cling to but excuses, and comments about how doing what they want is harder than they think. You just got $10 million in funding last month, it shouldn't be too hard to hire an additional programmer or two to make features work as users expect them to.

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There are issues with this feature that prevent it from being used on some devices, so it was removed from the initial public release of the Android client. We hope to address these issues in the future so we can enable this feature. For now, you could add your Evernote 'incoming email address' (from the Settings page of your web account) to your address book and email these files into your account instead. Sorry about the inconvenience ...

Ah - fair enough! Good luck getting the feature working on a fuller range of devices.

Personally I think this first public release of Evernote is an excellent one. Its a wonderful base from which you can build upon. Some of the totally negative reactions have been slightly bizarre to say the least.

Looking forward to future updates (especially some sort of offline storage for certain notes). Your beta process showed the Evernote development team was extremely proactive.

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I am on the Free Evernote plan. When I am getting something for nothing I tend to say "please" and "thank you" whenever asking for features or support. And while I do believe the RNLee has gone over the top in threatening to flog you with his blog, I do believe he makes a point in there somewhere. Paying customers should be able to demand support for their issues beyond what you've given, regarding the "share with Evernote" feature in the browser. This is clearly something that you know how to do. Yet, you've chosen to deny it to all because you are "having issues" with it on some phones. Well, I have a rooted HTC Magic 32a, and have run ROMs ranging from 1.5, 1.6, and 2.01 on it, with the last Android Beta for Evernote that included the Share feature. All have used this feature successfully, without issues.

But, I digress. Far be it from me to tell someone how to run their company, but if I were paying for a service, any service, and was given an answer of "we are having issues", that would lead me to believe that the company I was purchasing services from either did not have the inclination or did not have the ability to resolve this issue, which doesn't really foster great confidence when deciding how to spend consumer dollars.

I would expect a company I was paying good money to, to be able to solve these issues ASAP, or at least be more transparent about the issue at hand. Meaning perhaps your company might have an ulterior motive for leaving this feature off the Market release of the app? Are you concerned about abuse of the feature eating up space on your servers?

Just my 2cents. I don't mean any kind of personal attack. Its what I would say to any company I was purchasing services from...which, in this case, i'm not. So, please put the feature back. Thank you very much.


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