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Sharing Note Via Email (From Shared Notebook)

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Hi all,


I've been using Evernote for a few months now with my team at work and we all work in the same shared notebook (created by a different user and shared with me). About a month ago I began having issues when trying to share a note from this notebook via email with individuals who are not a part of our team. The option is simply not available when using the Windows desktop application. 


We've tested a few different things and anyone working on a Mac client can share notes this way, and I can share if using my Android device. I can also share notes via email (from the Windows client) if they are in a notebook that I created. 


Permissions for the shared notebook are "Can view, edit and invite". All of the sharing options are available, except for "Send by E-mail".


Any help would be much appreciated!



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Not sure how this applies to your situation, but I just updated my version of Evernote on the MAC and they removed the "Share with Email" button that I use ALL THE TIME from the note section itself.  They want you to use the Work Chat, that I will not ever use, to share the notes.  STUPID.


So, I did find that I have to go to "Note" menu and then "More Sharing" then "Email Note".  Perhaps you have something similar?


Dear Evernote:  Don't fix it if it ain't broke.  Please put the email option back and allow me to get rid of the Work Chat items all together.




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@Mulli: I don't think your situation has any connection with the original post,  though it's a frustration that is shared by lots of people.


@Tyler B:  If you haven't already tried this,  I'd suggest UNsharing the notebook and re-sharing it to everyone who needs access - the owner of the notebook has more flexibility to add new names (I think) than you as a fellow sharer.  Having said which,  you should be able to permit others to share a note if you wish to do so - signing out of and back into an account seems to update the share feature sometimes.


If you're premium users I'd recommend submitting a support request to see if this is a known issue with sharing - failing that,  maybe someone else can suggest an alternative.


If you are premium users,  you could also look into the Work Chat feature which also allows sharing of notes...

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