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Sharing permissions disappeared

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I am an Art teacher using Evernote to communicate with my students - I host about 100 notebooks which I have shared with each individual and they post their work and write process notes which I then assess. It has been great, but I am rather at a loss with the new update. 

Previously i could see whether a notebook was shared as there was a symbol on the notebook icon of three heads and shoulders next to my name - the sharer. After the update, most of these symbols have disappeared. Some students still have access to the shared notebook and some do not. 

Do I seriously have to go in to each individual notebook and share them again, this time through work chat? That is a massive amount of work and this time of year is a nightmare in terms of deadlines and assessment. I do not have a list of these emails as I assumed that once shared that would be all that was needed.

I am also suspicious of Work Chat as many of my students have older mobiles and older operating systems with Evernote versions that cannot be updated for many different reasons. I cannot take it for granted that all students have Work Chat, or can I?


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