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Pasting Excel Spreadsheets Doesn't Work



Hi, has anyone else had problems pasting an excel spreadsheet into a new note?


I upgraded to v6, got blinded, then rolled back to v5.3.0 using Time Machine.  


Now, when I paste an Excel table into the note, it appears; but when I go back to the note, there is just a blank page with a ? icon.  I have no idea if I have messed things up by rolling back that way.  I am still using Mountain Lion, and can't upgrade to Yosomite for the time being. The workaround for the time being, is to paste the Excel table into mail and send it to Evernote. 


Have I wrecked things by using Time Machine to roll back?

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I doubt anyone has any experience of the same transition back to 5.3 in the same way - but v6.x did seem to include some database upgrades that you might still have,  even though the DB is being read by an older version;  and that might be the cause of the strange behaviour.  (That's all pure speculation!)  If you plan to get back up to date in due course,  it may not be worth doing anything at this stage.  If you're happy with what you have and have no plans to update,  and this issue is genuinely causing you pain,  you might want to look into uninstalling your current application and database,  and reinstalling just the application,  to force Evernote to rebuild the database from their server via your current version of the app.


Would you be able to reinstall just the application from your TM backup?  If not,  you may need to look around and see whether you can find any previous versions of EN Mac.  The earliest one I'm aware of is 5.6.2.


If you have local notebooks,  or any unsynced notes,  you will want to export them to ENEX files before taking any further action...

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I personally have found the most stable version of Evernote is Version 5.6.0, (Although I don't use it anymore.  I just keep an eye on the forum for any improvements.  Sad to say I don't find any)


I tested again, the Excel copy/paste into a Note.  It worked fine.  However, the table borders did not appear despite being set to appear in Excel.  I even went away from the Note and returned to it and the table was still present.

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