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After logging into account - no files appear


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I recently got a new machine that is fully updated for both apps and Windows 8 and when I logged into Evernote, none of my notes from the past 2 years of my Masters course appeared. In fact, none of my notes appeared. I accessed my account through Chrome and nothing appears there as well. I need these notes ASAP as I am trying to complete my program. Thoughts?



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Changing a machine should not effect the web version of your notes.  Are all your notes missing or just the masters notes?  Assuming it is all your notes, the first step would be to double check and be sure you are using the right account and password.  Second step would be to get a copy of the EXB data base file from your old machine.  Windows explorer search on *.exb if you don't know the directory.  That file name should represent the account name that you have been using for you master course.  Then let us know the results.

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