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BUG-FIX REQUEST: Please sync mobile version with desktop version

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Hi Evernote,


Not sure where to contact you guys hence writing this on the forum. 

Could you please help to inform the support staff to ensure that the formatting of the mobile and desktop are both similar?

This is what happens when I create a note on desktop, and edit something (even if it is just a word) on the mobile app.

All the alignment goes off. The text goes below the checkbox. And I have to readjust them, which is super irritating.


Please let me know where I can provide feedback other than the forum. It's so hard to get support. I get redirected to some Chinese website and that makes it even harder.





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The forum is fine for reporting problems. Evernote staff read posts, and I'm pretty sure that they're aware of this one -- it's not the first time it's been mentioned. If you really, really want to drive it home, you can open a support request; see the "Best Practices for Submitting a Support Request" link in my signature, which should get you started on the Evernote support options

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