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Lost changes on Mac - restore my faith!



Let me start by saying that I love Evernote and I'm not frustrated, just concerned.  Also, I'm primarily a PC guy and not a Mac genius.  With that said, here's my scenario:


I had the Evernote client loaded on both my Windows machine and my Mac Book Pro.  I primarily use my PC not the MBP, so I let the updates on the MBP lapse.  After editing a note for a couple days with no problems on my PC, I decided to open up the MBP and make changes.  I remember being prompted to update the Evernote client on the Mac, but clicked Cancel and made my changes.  After I made my changes, I don't recall if I forced a sync but I did choose to update the client.  Once the update finished, I went back in to the client only to find my changes lost.  I checked the MBP, PC, and the web client with no luck.


Here are my questions:

1.) Not critical, but can I retrieve those changes from the MBP?

2.) More importantly - why did I lose those changes?

3.) Is Evernote prone to losing data during upgrades or other scenarios?


Basically, what should I have done/could I do to ensure my data is safe using Evernote?


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks glassmom, but I'm looking for a more technical reason for why the changes were lost.  Even without a sync, shouldn't the note be stored somewhere local?  Is this behavior isolated to Macs or does it include PCs as well?  Any insight appreciated.

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Hi.  If I have the sequence of events right,  you made changes to a note on the Mac in an 'older' version of Evernote,  then updated the app.  Some time then presumably elapsed,  because not only did the Mac sync with the server,  but so did your PC.  Regarding your questions -

  1. Not critical, but can I retrieve those changes from the MBP? 
    Not likely,  but if you are a Premium member,  or are prepared to upgrade for a month or two,  you would be able to check the note history to see whether it's possible to restore an earlier version.
  2. More importantly - why did I lose those changes?
    i)  You did something in the wrong order.  Our usual mantra here is "sync both before and after you edit."  I'd now add "sync before you update."  Updating removes and reinstalls the app and occasionally rewrites the database.  Bad things can happen;  which is why we also say
    ii)  Keep a regular local backup..  if you had one in this case,  recovery of the note would not be an issue.
  3. Is Evernote prone to losing data during upgrades or other scenarios?
    Not if you take precautions as above.

Hope that helps..

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Thanks gazumped.  I may upgrade to Premium as I still think Evernote is the best app out there.  Also, I'll be sure to mash the Sync button more often!


As for the backups, you said I should have been able to recover the note.  Where are these local files stored on both Mac OS X and Win 7 x64?

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No problem.  Backups are something you create yourself however,  they're not automatically saved to local storage - that's why I said "if you had one in this case".


Here's a couple of links that might help..

Export, archive, and import Evernote notes                         -     https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/28607737
Backing up and Restoring Evernote Data under Windows  -     https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23186097

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