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Last Update Regret

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I love EN. Been a premium user since I discovered it and now have 2,250 notes in EN. I've been excited about every update until now. This new update with this really faint, small, hard to read theme is awful! I feel sorry for someone who's eyes aren't perfect. Is there anyway I can go back to the previous version? I feel like you guys took all the color and beauty out of the app and now it's downright painful to look (squint) at. I would love to see options to increase the font and add more color or contrast. But in leu of that would like to go back to the previous version. 

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Also having problems with new update. Quite like the new style but 3 main issues:


Print margins have been increased even further - was bad before, but now can barely fit 10 words on a line of A4,

Note title changes to 'untitled' every time you go to print and then close the print options,

Crashes at least twice a day and cause seems to be different every time.


Print margins most important for me as I print all my notes for University! - will move to Notability if not sorted

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