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Mac to Web Sync not working as intended



My Macbook Pro's Evernote won't sync properly with the web servers, and thus won't carry over to my Mac Pro. Basically what's happening is that every single note with sync the way it's supposed to except one note, which refuses to sync. If I edit said note on the web service or on my desktop, my laptop will receive a second version of that note.


This is literally the only important note in my Evernote program so this is extra frustrating. Why is this happening?

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Just guessing, but maybe you have an attachment to your Web Note that is either large or corrupted.


You might try selecting all text in your Web Note (but NOT any attachments or images), and copy/paste to a NEW Note to see if it will sync properly.  Just to be extra cautious, create the new Note in a different Notebook.


If this doesn't fix things for you, post back here with details.

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