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Feature Request - Auto Todo List

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I'd love to see Evernote add the ability to automatically generate a todo list based on all your unchecked checkboxes.


There is currently the ability to search for unchecked checkboxes, and to save that search, and then to add that search as a Shortcut - this is all pretty awesome. The result of this is that I get a list of notebooks that include unchecked checkboxes - exactly what I'd expect from a search. 


What I'd like to see is Evernote automatically generate a "note" that contains, in one stream, all of the unchecked checkboxes in my notes in one view. Context would be critical - both the note the checkbox was in, but also content around the checkbox, so this isn't a slam dunk.

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On the upside, by posting you have both officially added your voices to those requesting this feature.

On the downside, folks have been asking for it for a long time and it's anyone's guess about when, of if, such a feature will be implemented. In the meantime, using a dedicated Task Manager and/or Calender app is your best option. Their are many that intergrate nicely with Evernote and they can be found in the Evernote App Centre.

Best wishes.

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The Swipes app harvests all your to-do checkboxed items from your Evernote account - and you can then arrange them to your heart's content within the app. If you check items off in Swipes, they get checked off in Evernote (and vice versa). They are currently on iOS, and have workable Beta versions for Web and Android. 


You can import all checkboxed items as separate tasks, or have checkboxed items in one Evernote note appear as action steps under one main task in Swipes. You choose.


Evernote has invested heavily in their Platform Awards, their App Center, etc. They have published an open API which encourages 3rd-party app developers to build their apps to integrate with Evernote. Swipes won gold this year in the Best New Startup category. It is precisely for this reason that we will not see Evernote roll out a fully-fledged (and intuitive) task management solution in Evernote. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot and disenfranchising thousands of app developers who depend on Evernote.


Swipes is a great one to keep an eye on. Two other noteworthy task-management apps which integrate with Evernote are Gneo (iOS) and Sunrise Calendar.  

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Thank you for these posts.  Swipes is available only for Mac?  I will take another look at the developer API, though I don't think I want to go there at my age (I 'retired' from writing code).  I too do not want to see Evernote corrupted by 'just another todo list'--as if there really is such a thing since they all fall way short of having the flexibility and generality of Evernote.  But here's an idea:  create a View that would allow basic spreadsheet-like manipulation of items in a table or/and items in a checkbox list.  One use case I personally have my grocery list.  I shop at a really large store.  On my Kindle Fire  I'd like to check items I want to buy,  enter or review them alphabetically, then sort the checked items by location in the store to reduce retracing my steps when going back to a location I previously passed.

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I know this is an old post but I thought I'd share as it directly answers at least one post here.

On 19/12/2014 at 5:41 AM, MPBerz said:

Completely agree.  I use Evernote for all of my note taking, but I'd like to seamlessly tag and item as a "todo" and have it automatically show up in a master todo list.  I have to use two apps to accomplish this today.

Tuskify is a service that interacts with your notes in Evernote and can automate many of your workflows and manual tasks.  The above is a perfect example of one of the many things Tuskify can automate.

To explain, in Tuskify you create recipes which contain triggers and actions.  Triggers are things that Tuskify should look for in your notes before running the actions, which update your notes.  For @MPBerz you would create a recipe to look for notes that are tagged with todo (trigger), and add a reminder to those notes (action).  This would allow you to quickly add a tag to any notes (in Evernote or the Web Clipper, for example) and have them automatically show in your reminders list.

We've just recently added Zapier integration, so if you wanted your todo's to appear in Todoist (for example) after you tag them, that's no problem :)

@cyboman I believe your request is slightly different to the above so we'd certainly be willing to hear what you'd like to achieve and discuss how Tuskify can help.


Disclaimer: I work at (and co-founded) Tuskify. We created Tuskify because we love Evernote but wanted to have more flexibility and automation - so we did something about it!

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