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Can I Find all Notes That Have No Tags?

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I have quite a few notes, and I've just started tagging them (I know, I should be shot).  What I like to do in my other programs is set up a search result that finds all notes that are tagless, and when I get a minute or two I tag a few notes.  I've found this an efficient way to do huge rote tasks like tag photos and notes.

But I don't know how to search for all notes that have no tags.  Is this possible in Evernote?

Forgot to mention:  this is the Mac version.  I also use the iOS version, but assumed something this advanced would be best to use on the Mac.

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Easiest way is to use a negative search for a wildcard placeholder:


In english that search means "return all notes that do not have a tag of anything". In other words, it should show you all your untagged notes. The asterisk is a wildcard so it should include ALL tags no matter their content. The - the precedes the tag query means "Not". 

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