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Frustration over new version



I have to say I'm very disappointed with the latest version of evernote. Since from the beginning, It was giving me headache.

All of my notes were gone that I could only see blank pages. I have contacted evernote premium supports, no reply yet. Luckily, after a few panic attack, I restarted my mac and it all came back. The second issue is that If I create a new note and paste a picture, I wouldn't be able to place a cursor to type words.

The third issue, I set my default font to Lucida Grande but it would always switch back to Helvetica, which I have to select every words and manually change it back to Lucida Grande. This is a total huge pain in the neck. Asides from that, all look okay. This is the mac version.


On windows version, the pictures(which I captured on mac) don't show up accordingly to the windows size I have adjusted. They were out of proportion(way too big) and couldn't fit inside the EN window. And taking a screenshot would launch evernoteNW.exe causing it to use too much memory somehow, and my 4GB RAM PC would hang (considering I was using other apps as well. I didn't have that problem on older versions.) That was solved by turning off clipper to auto-launch after a screenshot in the option.


I don't know, it doesn't feel right. I'm looking forward to a new update and hope they will fix it soon.

Bear with my English.



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OK - this is now my standard response on Evernote 6.x -vs- Yosemite.

The design is very different,  and if you want to share your view on that,  there's a thread here.

There were some bugs with 6.0,  that are gradually being fixed.  To express your feelings on that,  use this thread.

To fix the initial problems with 6.0 and the later releases,  it's important to download the latest verions of Evernote from their website rather than from the App Store.  The latest version I know of is now here - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78578-evernote-for-mac-603-released

It's also advised to completely remove the current installed version of Evernote and to perform a 'clean' reinstall,  after backing up your database and exporting any local notebooks or unsynced notes - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/

If the new version is unusable,  it's possible to step back to an earlier version of Evernote after completing the step above - just find an installer for an earlier version.  It's not necessarily a good move to go back though - updates include tweaks and fixes for earlier bugs that you'll be missing.  Check these posts for more information - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77171-how-do-i-revert-back-to-previous-version-of-everynote/

Don't know how far this impacts any problems you may be having,  but Yosemite apparently has some wifi issues - http://lifehacker.com/fix-yosemite-wi-fi-issues-with-a-terminal-command-1663414063/all

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Thanks, as per your suggestion, I downloaded the latest version from the website and installed it directly. My notes are all re-downloaded again and guess what, the problems are still there.

The most annoying problem is that default font keeps changing back to Helvetica. Any ideas on how to fix that? Thanks for your help.


p.s. I don't have any wifi issues (I'm on Mavericks)

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