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Suggestion: Go quickly from search mode to the selection's notebook




After finding a notebook by keyword I was stuck editing in a bit of a different 'search' layout still. I could close out that search box in the top position and go full screen on my note, but when I returned I was still in search mode, looking at a bunch of random notes that happened to have that keyword. I wanted my usual notebook > snippet > note mode with the notebook I was now working with after finding my note. But couldn't easily make that happen without going through the whole list like I was starting anew, which seemed unnecessary.



Once I find a note, I would like a way to select and go to its notebook. Maybe by clicking the name of it (see image). That way I can be in my comfy, usual setting with that notebook's snippets to the left. This would also help me remember and associate the notes in that notebook for a better familiarity with my information.


PS: So far I'm liking the web beta more than my Mac or Windows desktop UIs! I never cared for the web UI before. Great stuff. Thanks.




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