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clueless about alignment

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Hi !


I am a new user here.  Created a first and not able to figure out the way to go back  to root level after bullet points.


Here goes what i typed : 


  • The sun, the moon and all those objects shining in the night sky are called celestial bodies.
  • STARS - Celestial bodies which are very big,hot are made of gases,have there own heat and light Eg. Sun 
Specifics about STARS:
They are composed largely of gas and plasma, a super heated state of matter  composed of subatomic particles.. 
Their brightness depends on two factors : 
 -  of how much energy they put out, which is called their luminosity, and  -  how far away they are from our Earth
Ques. Why some stars are brighter than others?

Two factors determine the brightness of a star:

  • luminosity - how much energy it puts out in a given time
  • distance - how far it is from us   

After these points in blue i want to start a new point in line with bullet points of The sun and STARS but cursor just refuses to shift to that extent again...whats wrong??



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Evernote isn't great at formatting - you may have more luck using a word processor for the layout and attaching the WP file to a note so it's available wherever you need it.  Having said which I copied the content above into a note and had no trouble extending or deepening the bullet-level.  You could try quitting and rejoing the app,  restarting the machine and uninstalling / reinstalling the application to see weather it's possible to jump the restriction you're seeing,  otherwise it's the WP route..

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