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really sucks -- goes from high density, lots of notes on display at once to almost none


the font size / density should be selectable by users, that way people who like a minimalist look could have just one or two notes up; but productivity users need lots of info. at once

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navigating notes are pretty hard. moving one note to different notebook is pretty hard too.

If you're viewing/editing a note, you can easily move it to a new notebook using the dropdown at the top left hand corner of the note display. Sadly, the web beta doesn't have (yet?) the multi-note metadata editing of the old version.

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to be honest it felt like windows tile app lol. which is pretty awful.

moving one note to different notebook should be easier.

Sometimes minimalism is not the best

it is very user friendly but i wish theres less clicking with my mouse and wish there's more options.

such as view font size.

column size and column style

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i like the clean layout but im pretty sure most ever note users got more than 1 notebook.

it so hard to switch one note to another...

after using this it actually slowed down my productivity.


Hi jcshin, 

Thanks for the feedback and sorry you're feeling less productive in the Beta.  We've heard a lot of this feedback from folks and will be addressing it in future releases. 

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