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Failed to Update on Desktop and Another Issue on Web



Well, I'm a premium user of international Evernote from Mainland China.


I have failed to sync my Evernote since a few weeks ago, on neither Windows nor Mac. After clicking the button for sync, it would revolve and appeared an exclamation mark finally. And it seemed that the local notes could be uploaded successfully, but the remote notes couldn't be downloaded. Somebody might think that it was due to the internet constriction in P.R. China. Actually, my Evernote on iOS ran well. Furthermore, I still failed to update if I connected with a VPN located abroad, when I could visit Facebook and Twitter.


Therefore, I had to use Evernote on Web and I encountered a new issue. When I edited, Evernote saved my notes automatically, right? However, Evernote on Web would even create new notes to save the different revisions. Consequently, there were several dozens of similar notes in my notebooks. How weird! I had to edit my notes with the text editor first and paste them into Evernote on Web then.


Now, I'm on business trip in Hong Kong with my MacBook where there is no internet constriction. I deleted Evernote and all the notes stored in my laptop, re-installing  it from App Store. Nonetheless, the button for sync can't stop revolving after clicking, though it seems that everything has been downloaded. And there are more than 10,000 activity logs which keep increasing. The most common is: 


W|**  __59-[ENNoteLocationReverseLookupRequest executeWithOSGeocoder]_block_invoke_2  | Unable to look up new location for note id: 0x380014b <x-coredata://2D6FAA74-B737-4DF1-A622-DC6F17C9EE3B/ENNote/p14>


The similar description has appeared in the activity logs in the past weeks, which continues repeating, again and again...


I'd appreciate it if you could help me to solve the problems.



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Oh, it is Mac, I thought it was a Windows problem because it is tagged with "Windows". Oh yes, now I see you mentioned a MacBook. I should have read more carefully, sorry.


OK, what is your Evernote desktop client version? If you have upgraded (possibly via automatic upgrade) to V6.0 there are a number of threads describing a number of problems and possible solutions.


If that is the case, here are my recommendations:


1. Give your Mac some time to re-index. Meanwhile you may read SoftwareMarcus’s response.
2. Reboot your Mac, some users reported that this cured their problems.
3. Make sure you have a backup of your data (Enex export for local notebooks and Time Machine).
4. Download the lastest version (6.0.2) from the Evernote site or wait for next App Store version.
5. For a secure removal and re-installation from App Store to direct download version read this.
6. Reboot again.
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