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Windows: command line evernote.exe to create note not working


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According to the documentation:




You can invoke Evernote.exe with the commands described below. Note that individual commands cannot be combined. If Evernote is already running, your command will be passed to the existing instance.


If you pass the full path to a file, a new note is created. If you pass a .txt, .htm or .html file, the file contents are used as the new note's content. If you pass a .enex file, the Evernote note(s) that it contains are imported. If you pass a .url file, the hyperlink is used as the new note's content. If you pass any other file type, it is attached to the new note.



This method does not work. For example:
C:> evernote "C:\users\username\Documents\This is an HTML document.htm"
opens Evernote, but does nothing more. No note is created with the HTML document.
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Strange, I think I see the same here.

Also, right clicking and selecting Send To has the same effect. It does not seem to work with htm files.

You can see in the activity log that it is running with the correct parameter, but not importing the file.

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Interesting. Seems to work with files of type other than HTML, at least a JPG file worked. ENScript won't take an HTML file except as an attachment, whereas if you copy an HTML file to an auto-import folder, it gets read in fine as a document on its own. Something seems to be a little weird going on here.

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