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(Archived) Evernote for Android 1.1 Released in Android Market

Philip Constantinou

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Evernote for Android version 1.1 is finally released and available in the Android Market. We are listed under Free Productivity applications.

For the moment we will stop upgrading the beta version of Evernote for Android. We recommend you uninstall the application and download the latest version from the Market application on your phone.

We truly appreciate all the great help and feedback we got from our beta users. We do plan to restart the beta program again soon and will announce more details here. The certificate used to create the beta version will expire shortly and the beta version will not update to newer releases. You must uninstall Evernote from your phone to access future releases.

Evernote version 1.1 has the following features:

  • [*:14sjgfdl] Full native Android application supporting Android OS 1.5 and above
    [*:14sjgfdl] Create text, file, audio and snapshot notes on or offline tagging and assigning to notebooks
    [*:14sjgfdl] Search notes and using keywords or Saved searches
    [*:14sjgfdl] Fast access to notes with a stored local thumbnails and note content for faster performance
    [*:14sjgfdl] GPS integration including search by location and GEOTag-ing notes
    [*:14sjgfdl] Supports both landscape and portrait view and hardware and onscreen keyboard
    [*:14sjgfdl] Email notes with address book integration
    [*:14sjgfdl] Appending to rich text notes and full editing of text only notes
    [*:14sjgfdl] Configurable note list preferences (sort order, thumbnail vs. list view)
    [*:14sjgfdl] Configurable snapshot size
    [*:14sjgfdl] Configurable GPS settings
    [*:14sjgfdl] View note location on a map

We've already got grand plans for future releases, thanks so much for your help.

You're welcome to continue to post about the Android client here. Make sure to rate us on Android Market.

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thanks for all the hard work. I've deleted the beta versions and installed the new one. I'll definitely rate it very positively :) .

In the meantime, my requests for future upgrades include:

- adding encryption into the android version

- adding the notebooks that I've created into the android version

Thanks again.

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well done on your release, it's been great to watch the android client develop and finally make it to the android market place!

You have released frequent updates and listened to the android community with feature requests and bug reports via this great forum.

Other android developers could learn a thing or two from this model.


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First of all Congratulation, and Thanks for releasing this app in Android Market.

But not sure why, everytime i am getting "Installation error : Package file was not signed correctly." error on my G1 (Android 1.6) while i try to install from Android Market, and when i tried to install using APK file it kept on saying "Application can not be installed on this phone".

NOTE : I was able to use (and Install) every packages up to Evernote RC3 without any issue.

Thanks and Regards,


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I have an Archos 28 that has the latest version of Android installed. When I try to install Evernote from Android Market the device does not appear in the install to device list. What are the actual requirements for Evernote on Android? Is there a previous version that might work on my device? I am willing to do some testing to get Evernote to work.


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I have reverted to an earlier version because every time Evernote syncs in the background, I get alerts that it's using 99.9% of the CPU. Also, it repeatedly downloads location info for every one of my notebooks, even though I know that nothing at all has changed in any of them since the last sync.


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