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"all notes" does not show notes in "shared notebooks" shared from other users

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I'm using a Mac version and an Android version.

One of my friend shared a notebook with me.

I can see her notes of the shared notebook in my Mac evernote when I use "Notes" tab in the left column of the software, which is a desired behavior from my point of view.

But I cannot see her notes under "all notes" menu in my Android app, which is not good for me. I have to navigate to her shared notebook.

I also realized that the behavior is the same for the web version (i.e., I have to navigate to "Joined notebooks").


1. I don't understand why evernote uses different terms for the same thing ("all notes", "Notes",  "Shared notebooks", "Joined notebooks", etc...)

2. Is there any way to make those notes from other user's shared notes appear under the "all notes" of my Android app?


Thank you.

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You can also copy or move notes from shared notebooks into your own account and enjoy the benefit of full ownership.  All Notes are literally all the notes in your account,  regardless of to which notebook they are assigned.  The "Notebooks" headings give you the opportunity to see all the notes in a given notebook or notebooks.  None of those include notes shared with you,  or yours shared with others,  which have their own separate heading.

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This is true on the iPad as well, at least for an iPad 2 running iOS 8.1.2 and the most recent Evernote app. In my humble opinion it's a flaw. All Notes should be "all notes," not use "all notes from my personal notebooks." Best would be to provide the option to specify which shared notebooks show up in All Notes, so that you're not inundated with other people's updates unless you need to be.

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The "shared notes" concept seems to be lost upon the Evernote developers.  When sharing a shopping list with my family, it should show up under ALL NOTES; not as part of some disparate chat(s) with various family members.  I spent 30 minutes updating a shopping list for my wife, and upon arrival at the store, she said none of the updates were on her note...even though the note had the same title on her device as mine and my device showed her as an EDITOR of the note...confusion.

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"Shared Notes" is simply a trainwreck. The multiple labels for the same thing. Failure to update edited notes for shared users. My partner's iPhone Evernote app shows 5 different versions of "Grocery List." I usually do the shopping, so this isn't life or death, but, 4 of her notes are from 2 years ago... they don't even exist on my application, my iPhone, or on the Evernote web site for my account... Really? Besides that, the only way I could update her grocery list, today, was to remove her from the "shared" toggle, and then add her, again. Seriously? It's no wonder everybody uses Dropbox. LOL


[Edit] Okay, so I had previous versions of "Grocery List" (note) in the Trash in Evernote on my laptop. So, those were still showing up in her Shortcuts and "All Notes." Nice work, guys! But the updated current/working/active/real list/note was (and is) not being updated. These software guys might be "too smart by a half."

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