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How to Set up with Premium or Business account with my client !


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Hello!!  I do work under a client who has 6 premium Evernote accounts. Now the problem is when she shares a note with me i face some limitations while working. Question is how she can get me set up with a Premium account so that i get all the privileges come from premium account or does it make more sense to upgrade to Evernote Business account & then migrate all the notes to that business account from all 6 premium accounts ??

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Hi.  If your client is sharing notebooks with you from a premium account (or a free one),  she gets to assign permissions to read only / read and write / read, write and invite others.  A shared notebook never gives the person with whom it is shared the full privilege of a premium account.  Going to EN Business might be more effective if you are given access.  Can you explain more about what limitations you are facing?

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