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Scan direct into EN from HP printers!?

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I am a first timer: for both Evernote; and this printer (HP Envy 7640 AIO)... be gentle!

I have found and read most posts on the general scanning into the Evernote email BUT.... I cant seem to achieve it other than by scanning into my own email then forwarding it to Evernote!

Having called HP they seem to say that with this model: the hp centre sends an email to the one you target and from there you copy the PIN number and enter it along with the email you target! THUS it WORKS when I scan to my own email address - because I can read to PIN and enter it (so then I can forward it to Evernote)! BUT when I enter the Evernote email as the target I cannot seem to receive the PIN and therefore I cannot scan direct into Evernote!

Anyone any suggestions?

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Hi Pete (P)


If you are on Windows, then it is possible to set up an import folder on Evernote, so every file that you copy to this folder will be automatically imported to evernote.


The same is true for Mac, but it is a little more complicated to do it.


hope this help.

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Thanks to 'Memorable' and 'Illustrious'... I still have problems... a thicky!!!! BTW I am windows 7 and android and ptr is network with email address. AND, I am really trying to do away with my pc and live with Android only!!!! this is why I wanted scan from all in one ptr direct into EN.... but I guess using pc for now is OK.

Memorable: when I tried File>import (and export) it seems to only looks for EN export file types (like migrating Outlook mail files) OR MS onenote (which I don't have! I am a little confused! If you have time ...how do I set up an 'import folder' so that every file in there will auto be copied into Evernote? I am assuming that I put files (which I scan) into a folder on windows and EN auto grabs them with sync.

Illustrious: YEP it has a 'scan to computer option'.... so now its in computer how do I get it into EN (automatically?)?
Thanks guys



 OKY OKY --- found it....was in tools - added file and it nicely drops into my default folder in EN...

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