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What have you done with Penultimate?


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Penultimate was so simple and it worked well on iPad!!!!!

The new version is an operational disaster. You can not change pages as you describe in the introduction. Old books do not now open correctly.

I can not see how you email pages as you were able to do on previous versions that worked. This will stop me using Penultimate as the ability to do a sketch and send it by email was a excellent feature and the reason I used Penultimate


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Hello Penultimate/Evernote,


I just checked out the Penultimate app again today and guess what...it still doesn't work.  I'm being very sincere when I say that it truly blows my mind that the people who actually make decisions within Evernote have yet to fix their mistake.  Having a VP write a letter to everyone and admitting the mistake seemed great at first.  However, adding onto the end of that letter that upgrades need to be made to stay current is lame guys, really lame!  


Maybe I could have swallowed that letter if you actually had fixed the app but, you didn't!  You added one or two little things that don't really do anything to the underlying problem.  That underlying problem being that the fundamental upgrade you put out doesn't work...Literally!  I took a screen shot of the writing and the zoomed in writing and it's horrible.  I wish I could insert the screen shot into this post but I don't know hoe to do it.  If I did, there's no way you could say that your upgrade is anything but a dismal failure.  


I'm shocked that the people who work at Evernote are not screaming their heads off about this ***** up, maybe they are unless of course their worried about losing their jobs.  The only thing that makes sense to me now is that the people at Evernote who are making the decisions don't actually use their own product.  This to me is really the only way you could have let someone ***** up your great app. 


I am in no way a big shot in the business world so Evernote you probably won't care about this but I just have to let you know this.  Last year and this year I ran one of the highest grossing real estate offices in my territory.  My job was to recruit and train top agents.  I was recommending Penultimate at first to all my agents and even told my agents to consider using Evernote.  I was even talking to the investors who owned my office about utilizing Penultimate and Evernote in our other eight offices in the north region of the U.S.  Well, GUESS WHAT...that's not going to happen now.  


I truly can't understand how a company actually puts out a sub-par product, acknowledges and admits that they put out a sub-par product, then throws on a few bells and whistles onto their sub-par product but still doesn't actually FIX their sub-par product.  Come on guys, pick up an Ipad and try to use your own app and compare it to your old Penultimate app.  Let's all be honest with each other.  Your app and the little fixes you made to it don't measure up.  It's time to scrap it and regain some self respect for Evernote and your profession.  


The reason I'm taking time out of my day to write this is because I used the Penultimate app everyday for many different parts of my life, both business and personal.  It probably was the most used app on my Ipad.  Let me take away your pen and paper and replace it with a piece of stone and a chisel and see how you feel.  That's what it's like and no I'm not being overly dramatic.  I used Penultimate for my personal journal and business notes and tasks and now I'm reorganizing everything.  IT Sucks!  


I think I'm giving up now on Penultimate and Evernote.  Does anyone know a great writing app like Penultimate used to be? 

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There's a thread https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75511-please-anyone-suggest-a-new-note-taking-app/ that has a lot of ideas. Basically, nothing quite works as old Penultimate did. If you use Evernote for a lot of other stuff too, Noteshelf, with really good Evernote integration, is a good app (and my personal choice.) The most popular replacements that have poorer Evernote integration are Notes Plus, GoodNotes 4, and Notability, in roughly that order.


If the size of your files (for bandwidth reasons -- lots of emails?) is a concern, I'd avoid Notability. It has lovely ink rendering but its handwriting files are bandwidth hogs.

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