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New to Evernote - shared Workbook question

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I recently installed the app on my iPhone, setup a new Workbook and invited a friend to share it.  He received the email on his iphone and clicked the link to join, but he could not view the shared Workbook, even after syncing.  We are both basic/ not premium users at this time.


I then suggested he opened the invitation email on his PC, which he did and he was then able to view the shared Workbook, but still not when he opens the app on his iPhone.  I setup his permission so that he can view and edit notes.  Is he restricted from doing so on his iPhone app as we are not premium users?


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.



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The details of sharing aren't different for free or premium account holders,  but they do vary for different clients - ie desktop versus mobile.  If you're able to work with the level of access you currently have,  then that's fine.. if you have a problem please provide more detail and maybe we can suggest a work-around..

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