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Evernote Premium... I understand information

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I'm planning to upgrade to Premium, but:


In my iPhone information says:


Limit from 60Mb to 1Gb monthly

44,99€ per year


And in a floating window, says: 


Limit to 40Gb monthly.


And in the Evernote Website says:


40€ per year.


I'm confused.


Someone could explain me that?

Thank you very much.


Here you can find three files attached.




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Despite the discrepancy, you can be assured that the premium upload limit is 4 GB/ month.


That was probably an oversight, or perhaps you haven't updated your app. It used to be 1 GB... and was upped to 4 GB very recently. The "floating window" info may be more recent than you app upgrade, since your app is in direct communication with Evernote servers, which produces that window when you have come to your upload limit. Either way, it's 4 GB. ;)  I doubt you'd use that much per month. Perhaps as a once-off thing when you jump on the paperless wagon or throw all of your information at it initially.

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Our web price is currently out of sync with our iOS price in the Eurozone because when Apple increased their EUR tier price, we did not increase the price we charge via our website. http://www.macworld.com/article/2013128/apple-increases-app-store-prices-in-europe.html


The other issue on quota messaging is a bug which we will fix. Quota should now be 4GB for all Premium accounts. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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