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Sharing through WorkChat

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Is there a way to share notebooks and have them just appear in the stack instead of in the "WorkChat" while i appreciate what workchat is supposed to do it seems to have made sharing much more difficult as an organizing tool. I don't think it is useful at all that when you share a notebook with someone it only appears in the workchat. Hopefully I'm missing something or this seems to be a pretty big step backwards for a product that was very much about simplicity and organization.



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I'm have been using Evernote for a long time and am currently using it across Windows/IOS/Andriod.


Thanks for the link it seems many of my sentiments have been echoed elsewhere. Unfortunate to say the least K.I.S.S. and don't fix what isn't broken.


Especially frustrating as my team and I have had a great system in place that has stood the test of other online collaboration tools, I'm not as confident now.


Can I downgrade?

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A couple of adverse comments isn't exactly a landslide,  and the feature that you were using has (presumably) simply moved rather than having been removed.  If you wish to downgrade however you'd need to raise a support ticket (see below) or just stop your Premium payment to revert to Free membership.

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no not a landslide but it is a considerably different functionality now. Ironically it is a free one that I'm using and was just getting the rest of my larger group on board to upgrade to the premium which is where my disappointment really stems from. I've spent considerable time getting others on board only to have a significant fundamental change.


while I do like the addition of the chat I feel it could have been implemented for productivity much better. For instance having the chat associated with a notebook or a note rather than the other way around.


thank's for the help

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