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Clipped item opens wiindow



I use Evernote for everything.  On the Mac desktop I normally drag an item to the Evernote icon to save it.  When I do that a window opens for Evernote showing the clipped item.  I don't need that since I know the item is in Evernote.  Does anyone know how to turn off that action?




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Hey Glenn,


Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the note window from appearing when you drag a file to the Evernote icon.



This may defeat the purpose of your request, but if you have the main Evernote window open, you can drag into the list of notes.  Your file will be added and no window will pop up.


Another solution could be to add a global keyboard shortcut to the 'Add to Evernote' service which would allow you to select a file, then just press the keyboard shortcut to add it to Evernote.




Here's how to set that up:


   System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > +

  • Configure for Finder
  • Enter text Exactly as "Add to Evernote"
  • Use any Key Combo you want






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