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I shared my notes with someone by accident. How do I unshare?



So, this seems like a huge bug, unless I'm missing something:


Last week I shared a notebook with a grocery list with my fiancee. Now, every note on my account is shared with her. I also cannot un-share any of them. The help topic for Sharing has these instructions: 


  • Mac: Right-click the notebook and click Manage Sharing to view and change permissions and select the people you'd like to stop sharing a notebook with. To specify people you'd like to stop sharing a notebook with, select the 'X' next to their name.


Those options simply don't appear when I right-click the note. There's not Manage Sharing. There's a Sharing submenu, but there are no sharing settings in there. 


Two main issues: 


-Why are all of my notebooks shared with someone? 

-How do I turn off sharing, either per note or across my account? 

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...and were you trying to unshare one or more notes, when the entire notebook was shared originally?  Try unsharing the notebook and maybe move the note(s) that you want to share into a separate notebook which you could then share to isolate the individual notes that you want to share separately from the rest...

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Ah, OK. I guess I was conflating notes and notebooks. I typically just keep everything in one notebook. I didn't realize everything in there had been shared. Once I figured out the distinction I was able to turn off sharing for the entire notebook. Thanks to both of you for your help! 

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