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Creating Simplified Article from Link





I'd like the ability to create a simplified article from a link outside of the web clipper. My use case is collecting articles from various third party sources (Twitter, RSS feeds, etc.) bound together with IFTTT in Evernote. Right now, I have to use a service like Pocket to get the contents of the page instead of just the link.



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Hi - that's probably a lot more difficult than it sounds,  in that Evernote has to adjust to all the different display/ encoding options that different services might use;  and it sounds pretty specialised - ie not everyone needs this feature;  and for the most part surely it's possible to copy/ paste from the page or clip from the app,  or forward the items to Evernote using some combination of IFTTT or other services.  Not saying they won't do it,  but it might not be a high priority...

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Well, it may not be a high priority, but I would argue that a 'Link Note' is an imperfect solution, especially considering that Evernote is essentially an archival tool and given that link decay is a real threat. A link note is nothing more than a bookmark that I click on and immediately leave Evernote and all of its features behind. If instead the note contained the simplified version of the article/page in question, I never leave Evernote. I can take notes and manipulate the article as I see fit and Evernote has at least doubled its usefulness to me.


I think more people would use it than you might imagine and a feature like this would keep me away from any number of 3rd party apps that try to fill in the gaps of functionality (RSS Readers, Readability, Pocket, Instapaper, etc.). Whereas, they might become a more compelling option if they allowed you to edit the article/make notes instead of simply reading it. I think Evernote is the more complete solution at the moment, but because I can't combine a couple of the already built features into something that works for me, I'm compelled to look around. Even the ability to add a 'simplified article' via email would be fine.

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