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Only problems since updating Mac version



Hi all,


I've got serious problems reading my notes after the automatic update of the Evernote App on my Mac.

Also one of my notes disapperared completely, also from iOS - and it's also no longer in the trashbin.

So I'm in doubt now about the reliability of Evernote now .... Nevernote?




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If you did get an automatic reply and a ticket number the problem has reached Evernote. At the moment it might take some time until you will get a response. One ticket I subitted took ~10 days.

If you did not get an automatic reply you should submit again.


Good luck.

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How can they be deleted? If it would happen "by accident" they would stay in the trash folder.

But they were not deleted or moved - they are just GONE.


I started three tickets now - no response at all. I posted a "one star" feedback. No response.


Evernote is going down, that is the truth. Nevernote.

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If the notes are missing everwhere including the Web interface it seems they really have been deleted and it is not a sync issue.

Could this have happened by accident? Could the missing notes be in the trash?

Just guessing.

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I'm already beyond frustration, looking for other solutions.


- Yes, I'm missing really notes. Not "missing title". And as I said, it is deleted on ALL devices - iPad, iPhone ... Mac, PC (!). How can it be deleted without being moved to the tray.

- Yes, I tried the Web interface. Same there.

- No - but it is not V 6.0 related if it's also gone elsewhere.


So now WHAT?


Anyhow, thanks for answering and asking, feels a bit better than before ;-)

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It's not only the speed. I am missing notes (on all devices) ! !


I can understand your frustration.


Are you really missing notes or did you run into the "missing title" problem of Evernote Mac V6.0?

Did you use the Web client to check whether you notes are on the server and just not sync'ed to all your devices?

Did you perform any of the suggested counter actions as described in many threads regarding the V6.0 problems?

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No matter how many users.

No matter if OS is updated (btw I have Maverick).

No matter if they are understuffed.

Who cares, they took my money!




That is no trolling ant not a joke. Im seriously insecured.



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I'm also fed up! How can they do such an update without testing? And - total silence of support since 2 weeks! Either they are totally arrogant or totally understaffed! 


...or with 100M+ users,  a sizeable percentage of whom presumably upgraded to Yosemite,  they might just be very,  very busy with people clamouring for their attention?

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