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Why is Mac 6.0 still available at App Store?



It continues to baffle me that Evernote would allow people to auto-update to the data losing version 6.0 from the App Store. Correct me if I'm wrong but they should be able to reject the bug-ridden binary and revert to a previous version.


They have kept it for **ten days** now. Enjoying the one-star reviews so much?


Data safety is supposed to be one of Evernote's "Three Laws of Data Protection":



But apparently they don't really mean it?


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Completely agree! Evernote 6 is disaster. Everything about this app is wrong. I remember when Google released some Gmail update for iOS and found bug after release, they immediately removed it from app store. I don't understand why Evernote keep this version in App Store.

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I downloaded this app and lost data! I am a premium user but a new one and use it for storing my work receipts amongst much else. This staggers me. Are there alternatives to Evernote?! I would appreciate some advice from longstanding users, should I be worried about my data?


At present my upgraded copy of the mac client wont even open and just crashes over and over. I can't help but worry even though I don't want to!  

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It sounds like you are running EN Mac 6.0, AppStore version.  This version has known bugs that cause the issues you are seeing.  Most likely all of your Notes are still there, just not being properly processed by Ver 6.0.


You should update to EN Mac 6.0.3 Mac App Store Update that was released on Thu, Dec 4, 2014.   This version should fix most, if not all, of these issues.

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