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RESOLVED: Sync failed because cannot contact server


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Help, I can not sync from my laptop for some reason. The internet connection is fine and I have restarted my computer several times. What could the problem be? I also logged out of Evernote, and now I cannot log back in as it can not contact the server. Does anyone have any other suggestions that I should try?

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Hi Stuhrer. Thanks for your request for more information. I using the most up to date free version of Evernote, and my platform is windows vista. 

Before your reply I managed to find a previous discussion that helped. 

I followed the instructions of several posters there by going to windows > control panel > internet options > advanced tab > selected TLS 1.0

It worked! So evernote is now syncing again : )


Thank you for your response and willingness to help though. : )

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