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So Frustrated With Evernote

War Eagle


I am an Evernote Business user.


Today I shared a note in the new 6.0.2 version of ENB and no matter who I share it with via email, they have no option to edit it. IN FACT, when I share it via email, ENB doesn't even ask me what kind of permissions I'd like to grant. (view / edit / view & edit) The person receives the note as a literal IMAGE embedded in an email. Completely uneditable. 


Then, (get this) when I go BACK into the note that I just shared and right click it, and select Permissions, it says "Nothing to see here. Permissions are only available on notes that have been shared and this note hasn't been shared."  Except that I DID JUST SHARE THE NOTE VIA EMAIL. 


Am I missing something? 



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War Eagle,

I e-mail notes all the time, so let me explain your confusion - in a nutshell, you don't share the mail by e-mail, you send a snapshot of it by mail. It's basically like opening the note, hitting select all / copy, opening up your mail program, and pasting. That's why you can't edit the note when your receive it (as with any e-mail you receive, the text is not editable). And that's also why it does not appear in your sharing history because you did not really share the note. I do agree it's not very intuitive, with the "mail" command being under "sharing", but that's Evernote for you - they are busy selling socks so you have to cut their UI folks some slack. 

Personally, I send notes as mail a lot because most people I deal with don't use Evernote but they can read those E-mails just fine.

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Thank you for the clarification. You are indeed right, that the function called EMAIL NOTE being located under "more sharing" makes no sense if you aren't truly "sharing" the note that way. It appears that now the ONLY way to share a note is by right clicking on an individual note and selecting "share note in work chat." 


When I do that, here's what happens: 


I have two alternate email addresses, (one gmail and one yahoo) -- neither one is associated with an Evernote account.


When I right click a note and select "share note in work chat" it opens a work chat window where I can enter my gmail address, and hit 'send' -- YET the note I'm sharing will never be received in my gmail account. (side note: when I view permissions on that very note, it shows that the note has been shared with my gmail email address yet as I said, my gmail account will NEVER receive that note)


On the other hand, when I try to 'share note using work chat' and send to my Yahoo address, I can't even enter the email address -- it simply won't activate the send button on the work chat window. 



Thanks again Chris for your time. 

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