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Moving Apple Mail messages to Evernote 6.0.2



Is anyone aware of a way to select one or more email messages in Apple Mail and then import them to Evernote 6?


Apparently there were some solutions that allowed this in the 5.6 and maybe 5.7 versions but Evernote blocked Apple scripting  at some point (probably because Apple asked them to).


I found a nice email client for Mac called Postbox and it has Evernote integration, but you can only move one message at a time (not very productive).


The real interest I have here is doing MULTIPLE emails simultaneously...I'd just want the emails to get moved to my default notebook.


Thanks for your help!

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This process is very important to me as well.  

This apple script at: http://veritrope.com/code/apple-mail-to-evernote/ was a great solution, and I still use it everyday.  However, there are some bugs that didn't exist before EV 6.  Sometimes it works perfectly, other times it won't work at all.  During those times I use the dreaded "forwarding" process.  

The author of veritrope says that he will eventually get to re-writting it, but is swamped with other projects.   

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