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Fujitsu iX500 Scanner Utility for Evernote

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I bought my Fujitsu iX500 Scanner before Evernote began selling theirs.  It came with a utility to enable it to scan directly to Evernote.  Now in the latest update, that utility seems to have disappeared.  When I look in Mac Evernote Preferences, the features related to ScanSnap are greyed out (unavailable) with link to buy the scanner from Evernote Market.  Have any of you encountered this?  What's the work around?

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The 'standard' edition ScanSnap scanner has a full range of features accessible via the ScanSnap Manager software that comes bundled with the device.


It's possible to download software,  manuals and updates from the Fujitsu website http://scansnap.fujitsu.com/g-support/en/


The Evernote Edition ScanSnap Scanner (EESS) software is not compatible with the standard scanner.   The preferences relate to the bespoke scanner.

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