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Feature request: Continously save edits

Johan vF


Today I used an Evernote note to take notes during a university lecture. Approximately halfway through the lecture, my tablet crashed (probably not because of Evernote) and I had to reboot it. After the reboot, all my changes to that note were lost, so I had to rewrite all the contents of that lecture as far as I still remembered them.

As I understand, Evernote on Android only saves notes when you tap the save button to close the editing view. Could you add an option to continously save the note or at least make backups somewhere so that I don't lose my progress when the app or the device crashes? In this state, the Android app is not very suitable for taking longer notes.

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Sorry for your loss,  but there's no way to take notes on a mobile device that are guaranteed to survive a shutdown by unforseen events.  I always take notes by hand,  record sound (if I need to) with a dedicated recorder app,  and use Evernote for random lookups and the occasional picture.  After the lecture I'll take a pic of the handwriting in a good light and add notes or transcribe the whole thing.  The notebooks are good Archive material and some kinds (we're talking Moleskines or other hardback notebooks here) make good shelf-candy if you're looking for a professional headshot sometime...

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