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EN showing exceeded storage on day 1 of cycle

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Last month I subscribed to Evernote Premium for one month, primarily to use the offline-notebooks feature, as I was traveling overseas. My actual usage was very little, as I was seldom online. When I returned from my trip, my storage meter accurately reflected the low usage for the month. Today seems to be day 1 of my new month (I did not renew Premium) and my usage meter is showing 107.6 MB of 60 MB used and will not allow me to sync. I have not uploaded any notes today. Does this have something to do with the offline notebook I created last month? I no longer need that notebook to be offline and would, in fact, like to remove it from my iPhone and Android tablet devices, but most importantly, I would like to be able to use my 60 MB this month. Can anyone help me with this? I have repeatedly clicked 'no' to renew Premium messages, so I have no idea what has happened. Thank you.

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