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New to Evernote ...

I took a picture from my Android and emailed it to Evernote. I see the business card in my account, but I was hoping to be able to search it using the name or company on the card. Nothing so far. The card appear clear to me for readability.

1) How do I know if an image has been processed for text conversion? .. is there an icon?

2) I saw another post that this conversion doesn't occur on the client notebooks if I place the image there first. Is this true? I would have thought that an image could have been originated from anywhere and after it was sync'ed it would be processed and updated across all platforms for text recognition.

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Images are processed in Premium accounts relatively quickly (a minute or two), and Free accounts are processed after all Premium images are done, so may take a few minutes. There's no indicator of this status on the Android, but from the desktop clients, you can display the full Info for a note to see whether processing is done.

If you sync a client after processing has finished on the service, it will get the results. Then you can move that note into a Local-only notebook if you want. If you create a note on a Local-only client in the desktop client, it won't be processed unless you move it to a synchronized notebook.

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