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After update, I see multiple copies( maybe all OLD VERSIONS) of notes in notebook

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As a long time user of this lovely product, I am dismayed that I may have to quit using it! PLEASE HELP! Here's the problem.post-238447-0-13429700-1417198407_thumb.


I created a note called "GTM" and worked on it for a few hours (possibly a couple of days).

Now when I go to my notebook titled "Misc", I see multiple notes titled "GTM". 

It looks like Evernote is showing me the entire version history of my notes and each version is being treated as a separate note itself! 

Not only is this confusing and annoying, it is downright dangerous as I start working on an older copy which could fragment my work across many different notes. 

I use online free version of Evernote and recently downloaded iOS app. 


Has anybody else seen this behavior? 


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If you're working in the Web version I'd suggest you go back to the 'Classic' interface (in Settings) rather than use the new (and currently feature-limited) Beta version.  If you're seeing multiple copies of notes,  this could be down to a bad internet connection - make sure your network link is strong and steady.

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Hi. This is probably not news to you, but just in case...

Are you following the Sync DOWN from the Evernote Servers when first opening IOS App, then Syncing UP (saving) to the EN Servers the last thing you do before exiting the App? And allowing a bit of lag time before editing notes on the Web version? (Remember this is in addition to your scheduled Syncs.)

I ask because if you've recently started using the IOS app in addition to previously only using the Web client - which works directly with the EN Servers, so actively Syncing isn't needed - then, I wonder if multiple versions of your notes is due to Syncing errors on your IOS App?

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