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(Archived) Voice recorder, picture orientation


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In my great search for the best note taking application that syncs between my droid and my windows platform, came across this. Nice job, guys!

I'm brand new to Evernote, so I apologize if these are newbie questions. I downloaded both the windows desktop beta and the latest android beta. Everthing was quite intuitive for the UI. Good job. So far, my main comments are:

- The voice recorder save the audio file in the note as a .amr file. Is it possible to add the functionality that converts it to something more readily accessible when synced on the desktop? Or, can you suggest the right tool to play the file on the desktop, or perhaps consider building in a player right into the evernote windows desktop software?

- I took a picture in "portrait" mode (as opposed to "landscape") It did not auto rotate the picture. So, when I synced it to my desktop, it was not rotated correctly. Wondering if I did something wrong?

- In the android app, when I create a new note, I see the "notebook" option. It would be nice to have a prompt at the bottom of the list that let me create a new notebook if I wanted to right on the fly.

Other than that, no immediate issues. As an aside, I was hoping for a Windows Vista/7 desktop gadget that would allow me to readily access my text-based notes right from the desktop, but that is more appropriate for your other forum.

Thank you very much!


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Brian -

The .amr format is the native recording format for your device, so we save the files in this format. On the Mac, you should be able to play this format automatically since it's supported by Quicktime.

On Windows, you can install either RealMedia or Quicktime to add support for this format. If you drag this file to your desktop, you can double-click to associate it with one of those applications, and then Evernote will use this association automatically if you double-click on it from within our notes.

In the future, we hope to add native audio playing controls to our Windows client.

The portrait/landscape thing is a limitation of the JPEG display in the browser controls used in our client. The Droid "rotates" the picture in portrait mode using the "EXIF" rotation extension flag in the image rather than rotating the pixels. This JPEG extension isn't implemented very widely, so the images look wrong in most browsers, and in the embedded browsers used in our client. We're investigating solutions for this.


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