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Evernote Mac 6.0 - content of note not shown



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Have you seen SoftwareMarcus’s comments on 6.0? - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76662-evernote-for-mac-v60-and-v601/page-10#entry325989

I'd suggest an upgrade to the latest version -

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@Micke231, looks like you are running the Mac App Store version.  If so, it is known to have serious bugs.  Marcus has said that Evernote has already submitted an update to Apple, which should be released any day now.


So, if you can live without using EN Mac for another few days, you can wait until the App Store version is released.

You can always use the EN Web client (NOT beta) until then.


Or, if you want an immediate fix, you can switch to the Evernote Direct D/L version 6.0.2, in which many issues have been fixed.

See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 



I see the notes in card and snippet view. However the content of the note is not shown? 

Only dates of Creation and Update are visible. 


I can still update and see the notes in iOs.

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I'm running Evernote 6.0.3 from the app store and I have the same problem.


Evernote seems to work fine the first time I use it after a reboot, but on the second and subsequent times I start evernote, I see no note content, only the dates and only the snippets in the card view.


Rebooting the machine restores the view of the note content.


This is on a MacBook Pro retina, running OS X 10.10.1.


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Evernote - 6.0.3

OSX - 10.9.5


Maybe it's a network thing or the program taking time parsing the notes?

After about 10 minutes my notes started to appear. Whew


Love the new look!




Ah, nevermind above, the notes disappeared again. 

At first the notes appeared but was not able to edit so I double clicked the "snippet" thinking that would enable me to edit the note but all I got was a new window with nothing in it...

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