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Feature request: offline access

Robert 🇳🇱


I am trying to use my Chromebook more and more and would like to be able to create new notes when I'm offline. For example during meetings taking notes. I now have to revert to the Gmail Offline app, which is really annoying.


Secondly, less important for me, I would like to be able to set some offline notebooks, like the iPad app can. This would enable me to access my most important notes anywhere, anytime, any place. Exactly what I use Evernote for in the first place.


I recon that the new web beta has been built using HTML5, so offline storage usage would be feasible.


Keep up the good work, guys.

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Hi rbregt, 


Evernote Mac & Windows applications have offline access.  If you are an Evernote Premium user, you'll be able to access your notes offline from your mobile devices. You can find out more about this feature here:




I would recommend browsing some of the previous existing topics in the forum about this to find the solution that best fits your needs since some users have asked this question before. 

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BTW, the current web beta does support some offline editing. I can even create 1 (one) new note while offline. This sounds promising, but is not full support.


Yes, but only if you have opened the Web client before you cut your connection. The editor then works locally in your browser but the content you add will not be saved anywhere.

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