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Structured tags..GONE!?!?!?


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The new web beta appears to have done away with structured tags.  All we get is a stupid alphabetical "list" of tags - this is not helpful.  I went to great lengths to structure my information and i want to SEE that structure.  

Is this the general direction evernote is taking?  If evernote intends on getting rid of structured tags, i feel we deserve to know this.  


I am not going to start running my business on a platform that I cannot rely on.  Structured tags are a MUST.  It is a major tool we use to organize our information.  If evernote intends on moving away from this, then I want to know today so i can look for another solution.  



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I want to second this.  It's the feature I'd most like to see re-enabled in the web beta.  


The power of tags is that they allow multiple labels to be applied to notes.  I like how this is digitally native: we are not forced to choose which 'place' (folder) to put the note, freeing us from a needless (and unproductive) physical metaphor.  


However, lists or databases are not easy for humans to deal with - visually or cognitively - especially when they exceed a small number of items.  The ability to see, at a glance, groupings of related tags gives us the best of both systems: a flexible and digitally native labelling and classification system, combined with the quick-scanning 'glanceability' of shallow hierarchies.


I realise that nothing I'm saying here is particularly original, but I thought it might be valuable to articulate exactly why I miss the tag hierarchy.   

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