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how to delete work chat conversation

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https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/guide/guide_workchat/1  includes..

What happens if I delete a chat?
  • Once you’ve deleted a chat, you won’t be able to retrieve it.
  • Once you’ve deleted a chat, any references to notes you’ve shared in that chat are no longer be accessible. You can, however, view the notes if the note is from a notebook someone has shared with you.
  • Deleting a chat on one person's account only deletes it from that person's account. The chat you've deleted will still be visible to other participants in that chat
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I'm having the same problem as dovid on Evernote iPad

  • I have two work chats that I attempt to delete by swiping but that will not
  • Both work chats show up only on Evernote iPad and not on Evernote Web or Desktop
  • Both work chats showed "Pending network connection" first and then "Delivery failed" error messages yet Evernote iPad is otherwise syncing everything else
  • I initiated both work chats on the Evernote iPad; I tested initiating them elsewhere, and they show up on Evernote iPad and I can delete those
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