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pop-up message. revoked access. re-enter password.

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From my iMac using the desktop app, when I have notes that come into my inbox, I move them to a notebook and then get this popup message:  This application's access was revoked via the evernote web service. Please re-enter your password.


Any suggestions what to do about this.  It pops up most of the time.



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Where are "notes that come into my inbox" generated?


So from my iMac hard drive, I highlighted 6 or 7 pdf files.  Right click, then save to evernote.  All those pdf files went into my main inbox within evernote which I then save them to a specific notebook.  Once I move them from my evernote inbox to a notebook, the message pops up.



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That's certainly odd..  I thought that the notes would be generated by another application that could create Evernote notes - like some 'to-do' systems.  If an external application was no longer authorised to access your account you'd expect to see a message like the one that appears.  If you're simply moving files that have already been imported into Evernote,  that message shouldn't appear.  Try dragging and dropping individual files onto the correct notebook to see if the behaviour recurs?

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